We endeavour at all times to offer our clients a traditional, friendly service with personal attention to detail. 

In terms of delivery we like to try to be as flexible as possible.  We offer a tailored delivery service to all our clients, scheduled to meet all their needs from top-up quantities to the delivery of full pallet loads.          

Deliveries typically take 48 hours from order placement, but can be quicker, subject to request.

Most deliveries can be made using an 18t rigid vehicle with tail-lift and hand pallet truck on-board.  The size of the vehicle is typically the same as a large refuse collection truck. 

For restricted access areas, we can deliver using a 7.5t truck or smaller if necessary.

The bagged pellets and bulk bags are delivered on standard 1.0m x 1.2m pallets.

Please note that 1 ton pallets are heavy units to be off-loaded via a tail-lift unit and each delivery point presents different challenges. It is advisable to have some labour on-hand to assist with the off-loading.  In some instances it may be necessary to hand off-load some of the bags in order to lighten the load.


Bulk or Dumpy Bag

Tail-lift offload (1000kg maximum capacity)

Ideally, the delivery vehicle should be able to get close to the desired drop-off point.  The ground should be firm and level, so no grass or gravel.  Pallets will typically be off-loaded from the delivery vehicle by the driver using the tail-lift and hand pallet truck.  Hand pallet trucks are designed to move over level concreted surfaces, which means that some delivery sites may not be suitable for this method and may necessitate in depositing the load at the nearest possible point and/or manually off-loading.  It is sometimes possible to overcome gravel drives etc. by placing a strong board on the ground to actually get the pallet from the tail-lift.

Hand off-load

Pallets may be off-loaded from delivery vehicles by customerís own labour if necessary and the driver is not required to help break-down pallets, so it is important to ensure that suitable labour is available.  1 ton dumpy/bulk bags are not suitable for hand off-load.   

If there is nobody available to receive a delivery

We will do our best to place pallets as close to the desired drop-off point as per instructions given and provided the ground is firm, even and not on a slope.

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