Made form 100% virgin wood;  Our pellets are clean in appearance, 100% natural with no additives and contain absolutely no recycled product.

Extremely absorbent;  4 times more absorbent than shavings.

Usability;  Quick to muck out, easy to use, handle, apply and maintain.

Reduced muckheap;  Size of heap is halved but quality is doubled. Muck heaps will have more manure, so it will be easier for composting.

Time saving; 
Allowing you time to do other things, especially when compared to shavings and straw which gets caught up in maines and tails.  Especially relevant for a busy working stable where time, space and costs are important, as well as happy horses!

Economical and little wastage;  15kg of pellets is roughly equivalent to 1.5 bales of shavings. Use only KleenBed and no mats are required, other than infornt of the bed.  Additional costs such as for disinfectants will also be avoided or reduced. 60/70% less waste, so lasts longer.  Estimated saving when compared to shavings is approximately £400-£500 per stable per year.

Eco-friendliness;  Completely biodegradable, quick to breakdown when left to compost.

Space saving;  Easy to store due to low bulk density thereby considerably reducing space requirements:  Less space required means more storage space for other items.

Fresh timber smell;  N
atural smell masks unpleasant odours, giving a fresher smelling stall as the urine will be soaked up slowing down the chemical release of ammonia.

Soft and secure bedding;  Supporting your horse and comfy underfoot (the pellets will "fluff up" after water is added).

KleenBed  -  No dust and no fuss!

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