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UK Wood Pellets specialise in the supply of premium grade wood pellet horse bedding.  

The pellets are manufactured from 100% virgin timber and we can guarantee that no resins or additives are present in the final pellet.  

UK Wood Pellets (www.ukwoodpellets.eu) offer consistent quality of supply for our customers throughout the UK from our storage facility in Hampshire.  

We are competitively priced and can provide wood pellet bedding in 15kg plastic bags on pallets ranging from half-pallets (35 bags) to full-pallets (65 bags) as well as 1 ton big bags.

They contain no recycled waste product and as a result have a clean appearance with a fresh timber smell giving a soft and secure bed that is comfy underfoot.  

The material used to produce our premium horse bedding has been stringently inspected and uncontaminated.  The product is 100% recyclable.

Introductory offer:
If you have not used wood pellet bedding before, we will come along and lay your first KleenBed in one of your stables, demonstrate and explain how it works.  Offer limited to 25 miles from RG21 postcode. Enquires outside of this area subject to request, however please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss a trial bedding package.

Order a sample:
1)  Small sample pouch is no cost to mainland UK.
2)  One 15kg bag is £7.50 (includes delivery and VAT), which we will refund with your first pallet order.

To order a sample, please complete the enquiry form and in the enquiry details section, state whether you wish to receive a small pouch 
sample or a 15kg bag or if you prefer, please call us on 07792 535581.  The sample will be sent to the address as shown on the enquiry form within 2/3 days.

Click here to view Olympic Event Rider Clayton Fredericks talking about KleenBed.

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