UK Wood Pellets supply KleenBed horse bedding to the team at Rosegarth, below Lucinda explains the benefits:

"On a busy yard such as ours (with over 32 stables) we are always looking for more economical and efficient ways of working anything which saves us money, and the staff time on the yard is great! We trialled the Kleenbed for a month in a section of our yard and were so impressed with it as a product that we decided we wanted it in all the boxes."

"We now find that the staff are going through far less bedding, often only having to put down new bales once a week, which makes it extremely economical. They are also able to take out far less, which in turn saves them time and reduces the size of our muck heap. Above all, and always our main priority, is that the horses are happy on it. They have clean, neat and comfortable stables."   Lucinda

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Tim Brownstone in action supporting KleenBed horse bedding.


Tim has been riding for as long as he can remember and has ambitions to event internationally, at least to 2* level.

When Tim is not eventing or r
owing, he is more than keen to help out at UK Wood Pellets by promoting and demonstrating KleenBed.


Go Tim!

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